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Results: A Survey of the Health Issues of Friesian Horses (pdf)

Thank you very much to all the Friesian owners who participated in the Friesian Horse Health Survey! I received 200 responses out of an approximate 2,000 surveys distributed - a good response - and I am constantly encouraged by the concern and dedication with which Friesian aficionados pursue the question of Friesian health. As my first large-scale, completely independent research attempt, I do not claim infallibility in these results, and I encourage a critical eye and constructive feedback. This project was undertaken in a desire to scratch the surface of the issues surrounding Friesian health and care, and that can only truly be done with your help.

My analysis of the data is contained in the file above, but the raw data is available (with due citation) to those who are interested in doing research of their own or those would like to perform their own analysis. I am currently working on getting this information into a suitably organized file for the internet, but if you are interested in seeing the data, please e-mail me at
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