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QVCC Students for Peace & Social Justice
Who we are.

The QVCC Students for Peace & Social Justice is a student group formed on the campus of Quinebaug Valley Community College in northeastern Connecticut. The group was formed in the fall semester of 2005 when --- students answered the anonymous slilp of paper posted on the wall, which said, " ".

With the help of faculty advisor Nan Hirst, the group has launched a number of campaigns to protest and bring awareness to the failing situation of the war in Iraq, as well as other issues for the promotion of social justice worldwide.

As a student group at a two-year institution, membership fluxuates regularly, but we have found that an inherent interest and dedication to social rights and responsibility has continued to provide the group with a constantly flowing stream of knowledgable and concerned students.

While our members tend to hold similar fundamental philosophies about social issues, our personal passions and priorities may range widely. Animal and environmental rights, governmental and corporate responsibility, reproductive rights, and the preservation of indigenous peoples, are only some of the interests shared by PSJ members.

As a group we oppose the current war in Iraq, as well as on-campus military recruitment.