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White horses

white one

bla bla bla

another white horse

bla bla bla

Black horses

black one

bla bla bla

another black horse

bla bla bla

Refers to the process of judging and testing of a stallion candidate for entry into the Studbook, and thus the right to breeding privilages. There are three rounds of testing a young stallion must go through before being granted a temporary breeding license.
Approved Stallion
A stallion in the FPS which has successfully completed the rigorous approval process and is permitted to breed to FPS mares. Approved Stallions may be identified as such by the fact that a number follows the name, (ex: Lammert 269, Wander 352, etc..). The number indicates the stallion's place in the list of stallion's approved since the FPS's founding, (so, Lammert...

FPS Stallion Semen Importers

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Royal Heritage Bloodstock - Bente 412, Winand 405, Lammert 260, Fabe 348, Tonke 391, Time 398, Tije 401

KDM Farm - Winand, Lammert, Brandus, Tonke, Tije, Bente, Fabe
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