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About Us

At Celtic Cross Farm, our focus is on the breeding and exhibiting of quality FPS registered Friesian horses. Our background stems from a lifetime with carriage horses from Shetlands to Hackney ponies, Morgans, Hackney Horses and Canadian crossbreds. Our love of Friesians began several years ago with a search for an elegant carriage horse with an impeccable temperament for driving. We found that and more; beauty, intelligence, and that extra special Friesian presence. The bonus of our decision to delve into this wonderful breed was the meeting and aquiring of many new friends, all as equally excited and passionate about the Friesian as we are.

Future plans for the farm include the construction of an indoor arena where we can host clinics in all weathers, and the development of a Hunter Pace course. We hope to continue expanding the offerings of our grounds and facilities for the fun and enjoyment of all equine enthusiasts.
As our farm grows, we will continue to exhibit our horses at the NEFHC Classic Horse Show and the annual FPS/FHANA Inspections each year as well as at various driving shows.

38 Ziemba Road Dudley, Massachusetts 01571 508-943-9709