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QVCC Students for Peace & Social Justice

Robert and Arlene De Boer (& family) of Dorr, Michigan have purchased 11 year old approved stallion Mintse 384 (Leffert 306 P. x Lammert 260). The Friesian Connection also owns approved stallion Ouke 313, as well as stallions Jorrit 363 and Rintse 386 who were recently dissaproved on offspring. Here is a press release from their farm:

"After a disappointing December month the Friesian Connection has decided to import a Friesian Stallion already approved on his offspring. He was the grand champion in the Stallion Show in Leeuwarden in 2005, and he was in the champion round in 2007 where he was proclaimed the best in trot. Who is this exciting stallion coming here? Mintse 384!!!!!!! He will be here in time for the spring breeding season. Contact us as soon as possible for a breeding contract. Call Janice at 616-896-6583 or Amy at 616-896-7258, cell phone 616-893-2964. Plan to have this exciting stallion be part of your breeding program.
Bob and Arlene De Boer and family."

Congratulations to the DeBoers on their purchase and their dedication to the FPS breeding pool in North America!

Posted on: 1/31/07