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About Friesian Crazy

Friesian Crazy began in 1999 with the purpose of sharing information with others about the wonders of the Friesian horse. Not much has changed since then. Whether it is finding a breeder, looking up a term, reading about the complexities of the registry, or simply chatting with other Friesian fanatics, the point of each section of the site is to provide people with the resources they need to learn more about this fantastic breed of horse.

Friesian Crazy is a free news and reference website devoted to the Friesian horse. We strive to provide interesting, useful, and educational information for the variety of fans of the Friesian breed, from newcomers to experienced breeders. While we encourage and rely on information from visitors in order to expand on the website and foster a sense of community and discussion, it is our goal to provide accurate and non-biased content for readers.

About the Webmaster
Kelsey Evans is the token friesian fanatic who has been puttering around behind the scenes of since the beginning. She enjoys spending her time creating and updating this and other websites, working with other people's Friesians and her Morgan mare, reading about Friesians, and generally trying to figure out how to make information about the Friesian accessible to all. In 2009 her concern for the apparent prevalence of certain Friesian Health issues suprred her to create and distribute the Friesian Health Survey, and she is currently in the process of making the results available to the Friesian community.
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