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Friesian Tales

Friesians are wonderful creatures, they incite creativity through painting, sculpture, photography..and writing. The stories I have heard about friesians are countless..but all memorable. Many make you laugh, some make you cry, and most make you smile and nod as in tale after tale the beloved traits of the Friesian reveal themselves. Everyone who has been entranced by the Friesian has a are a few. If you would like to add your own, check the bottom of the page.

Dreams do come true...

"I'll try to keep this short. My family and I have had horses all my life. When I was nine, my mom bought me a horse encyclopedia for Christmas. It had all the different breeds from around the world. I came across the Friesian and was instantly in love with the breed. I told my mom then and there that I was going to own a Friesian one day. It wasn't until 14 years later I saw my first Friesian in person at the state fair. I remember walking through the barns and a big black horse standing in one of the stalls. I waited for almost an hour for the owner to come by and confirm it was indeed a Friesian. A couple of years later I was lucky enough to meet someone who had several Friesians and they invited me to visit them. Again...I was in awe. Now, 25 years after seeing that picture in my book, I now own a wonderful Friesian gelding, Hedzer. A gift from my dad. Hedzer is the love of my life. Unfortunately, my mom is not here to meet Hedzer, but I have a feeling she helped to connect us. Thank you mom for all your love and support. Forever in our hearts...always on our minds. Just remember, don't give up on dreams even when life seems to let you down."

Submitted by: Marilee []

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Netherlands 2007

"Having just returned from our annual trip to the Netherlands, my fiancé and I were viewing the pictures that we had taken with our new digital camera. There were of course pictures of the villages we biked thru and visited, pictures of family and friends, and pictures of HORSES! This year I was fortunate enough to convince Hans, my fiancé, to go and visit his family in January. I included the fact that his mother was turning 77 on January 14, 2007 to convince him that we could arrive early enough to take in the Stallion show. He not only agreed, but arranged with his sister to get tickets for five of us, he included, to attend the show on Saturday. (Now Hans is a dairy man and for him to agree to go and spend an entire day looking at horses was surprising to say the least.) Before I delve into the ecstasy of the stallion show, I must explain that we visit the Netherlands once a year, staying with Hans’ parents and taking the bicycle almost everywhere we go. For anyone traveling to a foreign country, it is always better to see it with a native citizen. I have seen the parts of the Netherlands no tourist would think of and also have seen the Dutch people working and living in their own environment. This will explain some of the comments that will appear occasionally throughout this narrative..."
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Submitted by: Joan []

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"I'd like to tell you a story about a whisper...

This whole mess started about three years ago when a young lady from town went to visit a horse exhibit at her local county fair. She met a Friesian stallion there that touched her heartstrings and made her forever a Friesian addict. This young lady wasn't a horseperson, had never owned a horse, didn't ride and knew virtually nothing about horses. But this one encounter was to change her appreciation of the equine forever. She started looking for information about that horse breed, this strangely wonderful Friesian that she had met, and gathered lots of pictures and articles."
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Submitted by: Joe []

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"Like many other Friesian fanatics I searched long and hard for my Friesian friend. When I found him, however, there was a side to the purchase I had never considered. The lady who sold him to me was heart broken at having to part with him. She had selflessly realised that she could not give him the future he deserved and decided to let him go. I have kept in touch with her and wrote her this poem. I hope it strikes a chord with those who are searching and for those who are thinking of selling a horse they realise they cannot keep. I know I am no poet but it says in a few lines all that I felt."

The Search

I knew that you were out there
Waiting in some far off place
I looked so hard to find you
I searched in cyberspace

I'd always held a vision
A picture in my mind's eye
Until that day I saw you
My heart let out a cry

The image of perfection
The story it was true
There was a Friesian for me
That black pearl was you

I set off on a journey
You too had travelled long
That we should find each other
Fate could not be wrong

And now you stand before me
Your head against my hand
Our futures intermingle
I know you understand

The search for me is over
My quest is at an end
But when I found my Friesian
Sandra lost a friend

I know the hurt she's suffered
I feel the pain its cost
So please remember Sandra
To you - Odin is not lost

Submitted by: Helen []

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I open the gate to the field, walk ten paces out and just give a shout...."hey ladies". Four heads rise up from their feeding, ears pricked, heads high. They turn away from the sweet green grass, letting the meal wait for another time. They have somewhere else to be, someone to see, and the "grass won't pay no mind". They are a long way out, but as I stand there, they quicken their pace, first the youngest, then the others. Each one is anxious not to be last. Soon they are all cantering, thundering through the field, getting closer and closer, and I can feel the ground shake beneath their feet.It feels like a stampede and the sight of four beautiful black horses moving so powerfully across the distance, mane and tail flying in the wake, is just incredible. I stand still, not fearful, since I know these wonderful ladies, and they are never threatening, just curious.

As they approach, only the young one slows down, the other three thunder past and then circle back, arching their beautiful necks and reaching for my hands with their soft noses. As I give each one a caress and say hello, the others stand and wait patiently, looking at me with kind eyes and pricked ears. I shake my head every time. Why do they come, every time, seemingly glad to come and just say hello? What is it about this breed that makes them want to be with us when they could be out grazing in the sun? Where, in their long and storied history, did this closeness to man originate? I know of no other breed that feels this connection to us. I will always be amazed to see that they actually do seem to want to come up and say hi, that they actually do want to spend time with us. Why would such a noble creature as the Friesian want to share their time with us humans? Why do they come? I do not know the answer, I only rejoice that it is so.

Submitted by: Joan []

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Throughout my many years of experience and research of horses I have never been so struck as I was the first time I saw those big dark eyes starring back at me. Calm as he was, he carried an omnipotence below his jet his jet black lashes, a powerfulness for which words can not do justice. Just to look at him for the first time, without knowing his name or where he had come from, I could see his story. Visions of war the horses of old, galloped in his past. Valiance and nostalgic beauty were his steadfast labels, he needed no introduction. This was the horse that romance and dreams were made of. This was the horse whom had greeted me as a child in my dreams as darkness greats the night. We belonged to each other, there was just no way around it.

Alive with infatuation I researched everything there was to know about this magnificent black beast. As I did I came to find that the research only ever affirmed my fist impression him. Strong, willing, versatile, loyal, gentle and very beautiful he is, quite factually, the perfect horse. I quickly came to find as well that I was not alone in that opinion. As it turns out there are many who, once finding his eyes to meet their own, become infected, infatuated, and very much alive with what is called; "Friesianitus".

Submitted by: Heather []

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There are few words I can use to describe the Friesian Horse. I believe it to be the most beautiful horse in the world. It is the horse you once thought you would only see in a dream, some fantasy world, or jumping out of the pages of a Fairy Tale. Several years ago, I saw with my own eyes that this horse does in fact exist. It was in the mid-80's at the Midwest Horse Fair.

I spotted a horse that just was too beautiful to be real. My mouth hung open as I walked closer. Lots of long, thick hair, slick black coat, walking alongside his owner ever so obediently. The clip-clop of his shoes touching the pavement was like music. But it made him sound as massive as he looked. His very thick, wavy tail drug the ground. He had thick wavy feathers on his feet that shook as he stepped. I noticed as I walked behind him that as he walked, his raised front hoof splayed out as he stepped. Funny looking on many horses, but this guy looked beautiful doing it. His tail just swayed back and forth as he walked. Once in awhile as I followed him, he would lift his head up high enough that I could see his ears. Cute, tipped in towards each other, with mane and forelock hiding much of his head and neck. His black coat just shone, and he just seemed to prance with his front legs, like he knew how beautiful he was. My dream had just walked in front of me. Probably an experience most don't ever get to have.

I followed he and his owner back to their barn. I just had to know what this magical horse was. I grabbed a brochure they had set out on tables, he was a Friesian Horse. An old breed, nearly extinct at one time, from the Netherlands. He carried great knights in armor, pulled wagons, some had worked for theirowners on farms. One day, I thought as I walked away from that barn, I would have that magical horse in my life, a fantasy horse that wasn't a fantasy at all!

Submitted by: Angie []
"I saw this page, and thought I'd share a small essay I had to write more than 10 years ago for high school English class. We had to write a description essay, and attempt to help the reader feel like they were really there seeing what I'm describing. I don't have a Friesian yet, but this is my first ever Friesian sighting and what I saw and thought."

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