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If you are having problems on the website, have comments, questions, or concerns, please send an e-mail to:

Kelsey at

Also, if any of the forms on the website are not working, you can send the information you were trying to submit, whether it be a classifieds entry, photo, story or article, to the same address, and it will get posted on the webpage without delay. Please remember to mention the problem you were having, so it can be fixed. Thank you!

About this website

The Friesian Crazy website has been in existence since 1999, created by one Friesian crazy girl who wanted to share her fascination of all things Friesian with anyone was willing to stop by. Through the years the website has evolved from a simple website with a few interesting facts about the breed, to a source for news and community, striving to offer itself as a useful reference for those trying to grasp the complexities of registration, inspections and health issues of the Friesian, as well as free source for Friesian classifieds and advertisements. The website is still run by that one Friesian-crazy person, and still has plans to expand and offer more information and services to anyone who is willing to stop by.

If you are one of the hundreds of visitors who have found some useful information on Friesian Crazy, submitted their farm links or artists pages, or e-mailed Kelsey for advice or more information concerning the Friesian breed, please consider making a donation to the website. Costs can start stacking up in a one-(wo)man operation which offers services for free, and help from you is very appreciated, no matter how small. I thank you all for being such enthusiastic, knowledge-hungry and caring stewards of the Friesian breed.