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Help Wanted

Interested in becoming a part of Friesian Crazy? We are currently looking for friendly, enthusiastic, Friesian fanatics who would like to dedicate some of their time to help educate others about the Friesian horse. These are non-paying, volunteer positions, but are certain to be rewarding opportunities for the right people. All interested parties will be considered regardless of age, experience, registry affiliation, or any other factors. If there is no job title here that suits you, but you can think of a way you can contribute to the site, drop me an e-mail!

News Spotters - This is a fairly simple job and a great one for anybody who frequents Friesian message boards and e-mail lists. We need people who are willing to submit interesting news that they run across related to the Friesian horse. This can be anything, from stallion news, club/breeder press releases, open houses, important registry news and happenings, etc. Any visitor is welcome to submit news, but we need one or two dedicated individuals who will regularly e-mail us news to help keep the FC news section active and up to date.

Fact Spotters - This is a similar job to the news spotter, but has more to do with our reference section. Tidbits of friesian history, health tips, keuring tips, interesting factoids, etc. A knowledge of the Friesian Crazy pages is a plus, as this will help us to avoid duplicate information which we might already have. Also, this job requires that you have the source of the information, whether that be a person or a publication, so that we can ask permission for it's use and credit it properly on the site.

Reporters - We need coverage of local Friesian events! It can be anything from a new farm Open House, to club meetings and events, club shows, regional events, national events and Inspections. This is not the same as a news spotter, so ideally applicants will enjoy writing and be ready to submit a complete story. If you live in the Netherlands or have the opportunity to travel there to attend the Dutch events, and are willing to submit stories in will be given a special pedastal, to which we will all regularly bow down...

Photographers - Don't panic.. you need not be a professional photographer! All we need is decent snapshots from Friesian events. Ideally, this will be paired with reporting, so we can have photos to accompany the story. Of course, professionals are certainly welcomed as well!

Authors - As always, we accept any suitable submissions from visitors who would like to contribute. We will accept anything, from scholarly studies to funny stories to true tales. If you are a writer who enjoys educating people about the breed, consider submitting some articles. We also welcome experts, such as trainers, breeders, vets, grooms or amateur scholars who have experience with the Friesian breed that they would like to share. All works are completely credited to the author.

Web Designer/HTML Editor - Applicants for this job need not be professionals, but must be knowledgable, patient, cooperative and willing to work with me (the owner) to polish up the site's appearance and usablity. I currently do not have the software or ability to create the comprehensive layout that I would eventually like to have. This will not be a simple job, and I will regard anyone who volunteers for this position with the utmost respect.