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Friesian Business Review

Welcome to the Friesian Business Review section! This feature has been added at the request of Friesian Crazy viewers and will give everyone a chance to share with other viewers, their good and bad experiences with various breeders, trainers and dealers in the Friesian horse industry. Hopefully this will allow newcomers to make an informed decision when choosing a place to buy their horse or other breed-oriented products or services. Please remember: these are opinions of the writer only, and are bound to vary greatly between experiences. If there is only one review for a certain business, take whatever is said with a grain of salt, as this is only one person's experience. Friesian Crazy claims no responsiblity for the opinons on this page or the decisions others may make as a result.


Importer of FPS Friesians, located out of Mt. Jackson, Virginia.

5 stars, Purchase Experience

"I couldn't have been happier with my experience working with the folks from Friesians 4USA. I made my buying decision via use of the photos and videos they had available to view. After that, it was pretty much hands off until my gelding arrived at my gate. When there was something I needed to do, they were excellent about communicating the tasks and very easy to work with when my schedule did not accommodate theirs.
In addition, the shipper they employed turned out to be an added blessing. Due to unexpected circumstances upon my horse’s arrival, I had to send him on with the shipper and board him at his farm for an extended time period. My new "baby" came back to me a very happy and healthy boy thanks to the loving attention the shipper and his wife extended.
I feel the team at Friesians 4USA has an excellent approach to importing horses and have surrounded themselves with trustworthy partners that help to extend their excellent service. I will be recommending them to anyone that asks me about buying a Friesian!"
Review by: Aragorn

5 stars, Purchase Experience

"I was very nervous about purchasing a horse sight unseen, let alone from across seas. But [R] from Friesians 4 USA made it so easy. They were great from start to finish. I contacted [R] and told him what I wanted. Even though there were several horses on his web site he could have push me toward, he told me about a new horse that just came on the market that was perfect for me. Still in Holland. When I requested pictures, he sent 10. When I requested videos, he sent 7. When I had questions he got back to me immediately. I was looking at 14 horses all from different breeders and brokers. Narrowing down my decision to one wasn't easy but Friesians 4 USA had the best prices and the best horse. The contract was simple and clear. Once that was done it all happened so quickly. Within a couple days he had his pre-purchase exam and I got his flight information. [R] called me to let me know when he landed and that he was OK and on his way to quarantine. After a couple days in quarantine the delivery man, [B] called to let me know he had just picked up my new boy and he was in the trailer doing fine....and he was BEAUTIFUL! It was about a 7 hour drive from NY to OH. [B] must have called me 4 times just to keep me posted. When he came off the trailer my eyes filled with tears of joy. He was amazing! Everything I wanted and more. Onix is my dream come true. Thanks to [R] and Friesians 4 USA."
Review by: Danielle

5 stars, Purchase Experience

"I purchased a wonderful Friesian gelding through Friesians 4 USA this summer. I had a wonderful experience from beginning to end. I saw pictures and a brief description of the horse I was intersted in on their website. I called and was asked to describe what I was looking for as they wanted to make sure they matched the right horse with the right rider. I was provided with still pictures of the horse from many different angles and several video clips. They answered numerous questions from me and my trainer. I thought I was crazy to purchase a horse sight unseen from another country. I was impressed with the contract that they sent me that spelled out each parties responsibilities. Everything we had talked about was backed up in writing. In the middle of the transaction I had a family tradegy. My trainer contacted Friesians 4 USA to let them know and they handled all of the remaining details that were my responsibility. Friesians 4 USA arranged my transporatation from the quarentine facility, purchased my insurance for me and took a load off of me that I wasn't capable of handling at the time. When my horse arrived I had paperwork that told me how to care for my new horse. Friesians 4 USA has continued to answer questions for me after the purchase and to give me personal support. I can't say enough positive things about the owners of this business. I will definitely buy my next Friesian from them. The gelding I purchased is more than I was promised and has been a source of comfort and purpose for me.
Review by: LG

4 stars, Purchase Experience

"We purchased an almost 3 year old Gelding through [the owner] of Friesians 4 USA for our daughter. Since this was our first purchase of a horse of any breed and the horse was being imported from Holland, we were extremely apprehensive. My sister-in-law, who owns a Friesian Stallion, did a lot of research and found the perfect horse for my daughter. [The owner] was extremely helpful in answering our many, many questions promptly. The transaction went very smoothly and the transporter that Rick recommended was very kind and compassionate to Jan. [The owner] is actively involved in FHANA, so I know he cares deeply about the well being of this beautiful breed of horses. Thank you to everyone at Friesians 4 USA."
Review by: J. Hann

4 stars, Inquiry, No Purchase

"Friesians4USA has a nice selection of horses with fair and upfront pricing (they say the only mark-up is 1K for their efforts!) that includes everything but delivery to your front door! I was looking at an Olof stallion and [the owner] answered all my questions and supplied many pictures. Was even honest and considerate enough to direct me towards another horse he felt was more suited to what I described I was looking for! However, they do not negotiate on prices, and that was why I could not make the was a tad out of my range. But I would definiatly consider them if you're in the market!"
Review by: H.Marie

Importer/Exporter of FPS Friesians, located out of Mijnsheerenland, the Netherlands.

5 stars, Purchase

"About 4 months ago I sent an inquiry e-mail to Frysk Andaluz about wanting a Friesian gelding. I recieved an e-mail the next day with what horses were available and which ones matched what I was looking for. I asked to know more about one horse in particular and mentioned that I may be seriously interested in his purchase.
I then recieved 10 or more video clips of this horse doing everyday interactions with people (grooming and tacking up) as well as some videos of him in training under saddle. I also recieved many photos from every angle. She was very honest about his degree of training and what he would be able to perform. They answered all of my questions and helped me with the importing process as I have never experianced importing a horse from another country.
I made the decision to put a deposit on this horse and they agreed to keep him in training at their barn until he was ready, at no additional charge. They had him in training for 2 additional months because they felt he was not ready. They could have easily sent me an very green horse and told me that he was basic trained even though he would not have been. This was not the case. He was finally imported to the US and I was able to pick him up. I was extremely happy with him and he surpassed my expectations!! I would recommend this stable to anyone interested in purchasing and importing a Friesian from the Netherlands!!!"
Review by: Megan Hanley

Importer of FPS Friesians, located out of Newberg, Oregon.

5 stars, Inquiry, No purchase

"This is an unusual story in that I met the horse prior to meeting the owner/importer [S]. He was stabled at a dressage event I was attending and had been in the USA for several months. I had been admiring this breed for several years and felt it was time for me to purchase my first horse. He was mesmerizing, gentle,intelligent and sweet - all of the adjectives that swirl around Frieisans. I followed him around to several events, exhibits, and watched his keuring last summer. In the interim I had connected with [S] and she was very professional, informative, and answered many questions over my four month period of decision making. This was my first experience at purchasing a horse and it was exceptional. I can easily recommend Legacy Friesians."
Review by: SGA

5 stars, Inquiry, No purchase

"I met the owner of Legacy Friesian while I was learning to ride again after turning 50 yrs old. Even though most of my girlfreinds own Arabs I met [S, the owner]. She has always welcomed me to her home and horse shows so that I can be around this beautiful creature as much as possible. I now work two jobs and saving for that glorious day to buy a Friesian from her. I get to see how Legacy Friesian imports their horses and the awesome care and love they give to them. Answering thousands of questions even though I can't buy now. She is a wonderful lady and I thank her for allowing me just to be in the moment to follow my dream hopefully by the end of 2007 and own one of MY OWN Legacy Friesian. "
Review by: AB from Vancouver, WA

5 stars, Business Experience

"I would like to write a business related review for Legacy Friesians. I have not bought a horse from this company, but would like to let people know that they are not only outstanding to work with purchasing a horse through, as per reviews, but also on the other end getting the horse to the customer by ensuring the horse receive the same high standards of care until delivery.

I own and operate Ohio's CEM quarantine facility and specialize in Importing and Exporting only. I have handled about 9 Friesians that Legacy has shipped over so far in the past few months and all have been outstanding. Their clients are ecstatic when they pick them up or have them delivered from our facility."

Review by: Christine Eberly of Blue Diamond Stables in Ohio

5 stars, Purchase Experience

" After researching the breed and bloodlines for over a year I started researching Dealer/Importers. I interviewed many before coming across [S] at Legacy Friesians. I initially bought a pregnant mare and her colt and then 6 months later I bought 2 more babies from her. Each transaction of the purchase and importing was smooth and easy. The horses are excellent quality. The mare is a first premie star and the babies are all full papered second premie's. She and her Netherland connection, [P] and [J], know how to listen to your needs and help you select exactly what you desire. I am completely satisfied with all of my Friesians."
Review by: Dr R. Palermo, PA

5 stars, Purchase Experience

"I bought an "import" horse from Legacy Friesians sight unseen, and I would not hesitate to do it again. This note is in reaction to some of the comments about the significance of sellers "owning the horse" before they sell them. For me personally, this point seems a bit moot when SO many horses are sold sight unseen (before they ever hit the ground at a seller's stable in the US). I feel what is of greater consequence is knowing that a seller is dealing with reliable, reputable partners in Holland!!!
S. & L. are very selective about buying and brokering horses from highly reputable and quality sources. They will not buy from unknown breeders, and I feel this is a huge differentiator. My girlfriend actually met one of their Dutch business partners at the stallion show last year, and stressed how much this person truly understood about the breed and what constitutes quality in these magnificent creatures. "
Review by: S. Frost

5 stars, Purchase Experience

"[The owner] is a very nice and friendly lady, very helpful and quick at responding. Through [S, the owner] I was able to buy my dream horse, a gorgeous Friesian filly from Holland. [S] took care of everything, all I had to do was pick her out and arrange to get her from quarentine here in the states to my house! No hassle, just ease! :) I highly recomend Legacy Friesians for helping you import a Friesian, or buying one that they have already imported!"
Review by: J.Z. in Az

5 stars, Purchase Experience

"I highly recommend Legacy Friesians. I bought a filly from them six months ago and have never regretted it. In fact, I love my Beart filly so much I recommended Legacy Friesians to my mother who bought a Heinse mare from them as well. Both experiences were honest, fair and wonderful. Do not hesitate to purchase from [the owner] at Legacy Friesians! She has wonderful horses, ethics, honesty and a true love of the breed."
Review by: Monique

5 stars, Purchase Experience

"This was an AWESOME experience and totally restored my faith in horse brokers. I purchased my BEAUTIFUL Fresian boy, Haeke, from this business a year ago. He was and is everything he was represented to be, and is admired by evryone who sees him. At the time of purchase, he was just 3 yrs. old, and was already strong under saddle,in all three gaites. He was healthy and kind and exactly like his pictures and videos. I flew from L.A. to Portland, Oregon to see him for the first time, at his Keuring, where he was rated "Star", "Second Premie".His price immediately went up, should I not purchase him, but Legacy Fresian's honored the price qouted to me prior to the Keuring, being the reputable business that they are. He passed the Vet with flying colors, and hasn't taken a lame step, or been sick a day since I bought him. All my phone calls were immediately returned, and questions answered. Legacy Fresians went out of thier way, to make his transport convenient, and safe!! They are not only honest, reputable people, but they truly care about thier horses. It was such an exciting experience, and Legacy Fresians made it fun, I never felt for one minute, that I couldn't trust them. Thankyou Legacy Fresians!!"
Review by: Shaun, from California

5 stars, Purchase Experience

"I was fortunate enough to find Legacy Friesians in Newberg, OR after doing a lot of homework on the breed and wading through the importers here on the West Coast. I was impressed that the owner had hand-selected each of the horses she had for sale. As advertised, they were all beautiful, healthy and trained to the level specified. I was impressed with the owner's implicit honesty and sincere desire to answer all my questions and allay my many concerns regarding such an important investment. I even panicked and changed my mind once--all it took was a phonecall to the owner and she graciously returned my 'non-refundable' deposit without hesitation. It was clear that she felt that customer satisfaction and finding the right home for her horses was of paramount importance; making the sale was only secondary. I was so impressed with the owner's honesty and integrity that we stayed in touch; fortunately, I came to my senses and bought the same horse a month later. He is everything she had promised and more!!! I have since purchased a filly and a pregnant mare from Legacy Friesians and would never consider buying from anyone else after such a positive initial experience. Her farm is beautiful and the horses are happy and well cared for there. I urge anyone from the curious looker to the serious buyer to contact Legacy Friesians--you'll be treated with respect, integrity and absolute honesty. I recommend Legacy Friesians unconditionally and with all my heart; I am so grateful for them for introducing me to friesians and finding my Dream horses for me!!"
Review by: K. Twist

5 stars, Purchase Experience

"I looked for about a year for the right horse, meeting with and / or having a bit of contact with over eight friesian importers and / or breeders. I even traveled a few thousand miles to look at one horse. I would say I had a very positive experience with several sellers / breeders. However, I felt I had the most straightforward, caring and reputable experience with Legacy Friesians.
The fact that they focus on importing highest quality horses is clear. Look at their website - they won Grand Champion and Reserve Champion of the OR keuring this year with some INCREDIBLE horses that are now for sale!!! In addition, they really take the time to answer questions (NO SALES PUSH!!!), making the sales experience genuine and VERY refreshing. I hear this from a lot of their customers, as Legacy keeps up close relationships with their buyers and even puts you in touch with some of their other customers! I actually met a few at the CA keuring this year!

In the end, I really trust [S] and [L] to do the RIGHT thing! They have always done transactions on the "up and up". I know in one instance, they not only returned a deposit, they returned the full purchase price to ensure a customer was happy. They really pride themselves on making sure their clients have a good buying experience.

Just keep in mind, they call it "horse trading" for a reason...and it is possible to get hurt in the process, as anyone will tell you (...whether it's intentional or not). The bommom line: DO YOUR HOMEWORK and figure out who you feel most comfortable with!"

Review by: W.F.

5 stars, Inquiry, No Purchase

"I called and spoke to [the owner] and she was very friendly and very helpful in educating me about the Friesian breed. There was no pressure whatsoever to buy a horse and it was just a very pleasant experience."
Review by: S. Blakesly

Importer of FPS Friesians, located out of Baldwin City, Kansas.

5 stars, Inquiry, No Purchase

"[The owner] at Signature Friesians was very helpful, honest and straightforward. She was totally willing to all my questions and very friendly. I found the horses worth their asking price. The only reason I did not purchase the gelding I was looking at was because he sold while still in Holland."
Review by: H.Marie

Importer of FPS Friesians, located out of Fallbrook, California.

5 stars, Purchase Experience

"I have purchased three Friesians from Windermere Farms, owned and operated by [T.E], and I will purchase all my future Friesians from this excellent, reputable, and honest importer. All the horses have proved to be exactly as advertised if not better. In fact, one of my mares just gave birth to a little filly that has been awarded a first premie. Neither my gelding nor my two mares have had any health problems - they passed vet checks both in Germany and the US with flying colors. A full set of x-rays was always sent directly to the vet of my choice prior to any money changing hands. Plus, every film had my horses name on it (no accidental substitutions)
[The owner] often lets me board my horses with her and she gives them fabulous care: meals exactly on time, turn out to pasture every day, sparkling clean stalls, soothing trail rides, gentle training in the arena and a warm bath in the afternoon. I am even being re-trained to ride in a manner that is best for my horses. She talks to me for hours about every detail and my every concern as well as arranging for the vet and the farrier as needed. She even does cranio-sacral work on them for free because she is more interested in their well-being than earning an extra dollar. My babies couldn't be happier and healthier, nor could I.

I have met with many importers/breeders and visited many farms over the past five years and there isn't one that even comes close to the high quality of [T.E.'s] Windermere Farms. This woman cares passionately about the quality of the home for each of her horses. There is no higher compliment to be paid a horse importer and [the owner] deserves every word."

Review by: Sheryl C. Phelps

5 stars, Purchase Experience

"I purchased a 3 year old, 17 hand Friesian gelding last year from Windemere Farms. This horse is everything he was advertised to be, and more. Even now, one year after the sale, I still contact [the owner] with "Friesian" questions, and she always is gracious about sharing her knowledge and experiences with me. I would not hesitate to recommend Windemere to anyone. Every horse I saw there (and I visited several times before making my decision) was happy, healthy, beautifuly cared for, and exactly as described. And in doing business, I found [the owner] to be honest and professional, not something you always find with buying and selling horses. I ride Dressage and plan to compete my horse next year, in OPEN classes. He is talented and kind and a joy to me. Thank you [T] and everyone at Windemere Farms. I absolutely love my horse Hannibal MP!"
Review by: L. Miller

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