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Stallions at Stud


Waldini von Valour

Age: 3 years
Height: 16.2 hands

Sire: Ljibbes valour
Dam: Trude V
Registry: FPZV/FHS

Stud Fee: $700

This exceptional young stallion will be available to the public for crossbreeding for the first time in 2011. Waldini von Valour is a confident 3 year old with a sweet disposition. His well-balanced and proportional frame allows him to exhibit three wonderful gaits. "Wally" has a ground covering walk, a powerful trot, and he can CANTER! He is an ideal stallion for your dressage or English Pleasure crosses.

  • Proportionate and balanced frame
  • Kind and sensible disposition
  • Excellent semen quality and shipping viability
  • Currently in dressage training
  • Live foal guarantee
  • $700 (includes collection, preparation, and first shipment)
  • Foals eligible for registry with Friesian Sport Horse Registry and Friesian Heritage Horse And Sporthorse International.

    Contact: North Texas Friesians
    1095 West Pecan St
    Sadler, TX 76264
    Website: North Texas Friesians
    Location: (Texas)

"Frederik the Great"

Age: 10 years
Height: 16.3 hands

Sire: Fabe 348
Dam: Afke fan Oud-Stedma (Ster)
Dam's Sire: Lute

Stud Fee: $1000

Frederik is a 1st premie son of the approved Stallion FABE 348 showing all the athleticism of his father. His dam's sire is the famous LUTE known for his superior temperment and willingness to work. His full textbook pedigree speaks for itself, STER-STER+PREF-MODEL+PREF-STER+PREF. Frederik's inbreeding is 1.17% with very low kinship, this makes Frederik an excellent choice for a breeding stallion. Imported from Holland, registered FHANA, FPS, a storybook Friesian Stallion. Frederik was declared Dressage Grand Champion at Woodside Expo and on to Reserve Champion for Supreme Stallion In-Hand. Judges continue to comment on how SHOWY Frederik is, but what makes Frederik so special is his LOVING and LOYAL character, he loves people. Frederik is the "New Kid on the Block"

Contact: Pinnacle Friesians
Website: Pinnacle Friesians
Phone: Office: (479)549-4006 Cell: 479-238-3995
Location: (Arkansas)

Hendrik "The Magician"

Age: 5 years
Height: 16.2 hands

Sire: Wander 352
Dam: Klaske
Dam's Sire: Jildert 299

Stud Fee: $850*

Highest bid on stallion out of 12 other registered Friesian stallions! Friesian Stallion Born of FPS Dutch Approved Stallion Wander 352. Hendrik possess an outstanding work ethic in all disciplines including dressage, trail riding, western, mounted shooting and tricks including rear, bow, and Spanish walk. Hendrik is an Upright, Noble, and Correct stallion, with a gentle and willing attitude. Vet checked and approved. If you are looking for a foal with these traits, along with a "Magical" personality then look no further.. Registered AWS, FHS, FSHR, FWR and IFCA.
*Note: Hendrik's breeding fee ~includes~ first collection, and Foal registration!

Contact: Lowe's Den Stables
Website: Hendrik "The Magician"
Videos: YouTube Lowe's Den Stables
Photos: Offpsring Photos
Location: (Illinois)


Age: 7 years
Height: 16.2 hands

Sire: Jelke 367
Dam: Marije Ant
Dam's Sire: Anton 343

Stud Fee: $600 + mare care/shipping and collection

Fabian is a magnificent baroque type Friesian with stunning dressage movement. At age 5 he is just beginning his dressage career, winning both his Training level classes at his first show! Foals are registerable with FSHR. A.I. only stud fee plus collection and shipping fees; equitainer deposit required. See website for pictures and breeding contract.

Contact: Casandra Jo
Phone: 775-575-7185
Website: Fuzzy Butt Farm
Location: (Nevada)


Age: 4.5 years
Height: 16.1 hands

Sire: Tsjerk 328
Dam: Reuel
Dam's Sire: Doeke 287

Stud Fee: $1,000

Tsjalf is an imported ster stallion, training dressage. He is a big mover and very smooth. He is FEI quality. He loves to show, go on trails, goes to the beach...all without hassle. He is started driving also. This guy is the excellent buddy, he loves to go places and puts his entire heart into his work. He is currently put at stud thru AI, open to other breeds.

Location: (California)