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5 New FPS Stallions Approved

Five new stallions have passed the Central Proving in the Netherlands to become Approved Stallions. Below are their birth names, new stallion names, breeding and total score.

(Mauritz fân it Pompeblêd) - Maurits 437 (Ulbert 390 x Ulke 338) - Score: 82
(Meneer-Vrouwkje) - Mewes 438 (Teeuwis 389 x Oege) - Score: 76
(Nimrod v.d. W.) - Meinse 439 (Heinse 354 x Dirk) - Score: 78
(Maeije) - Maeije 440 (Beart 411 x Goffert 369) - Score: 81.5
(Oepke Gestüt Friesenwiese) - Maurus 441 (Tsjalke 397 x Krist 358) - Score: 79

It was mentioned that overall the stallions gave excellent performances, resulting in a high score list for the group. These stallions will have temporary breeding approval, with a capped breeding limit until their offspring can be evaluated at three and five years of age. If their offspring are shown to pass on desirable Friesian characteristics, then the stallion will become permanantly approved on offspring.

Congratulations to the stallions and their owners!

Sources: KFPS
Posted on: 12/2/07
Anne 340 & Anton 343 at Equine Affaire
Approved stallions Anne 340 and Anton 343 will be present at the Equine Affaire in West Springfield Massachusetts this weekend, from the 8th-11th. Keep an eye out at the breed demonstrations for these two handsome fellows.
Sources: Melanie Sundeen
Posted on: 11/9/07
Feitse 293 Preferant, Deceased
Feitse 293 Preferant (Jochem 259 x Bjinse 241 x Noldus 198) died the morning of October 31st at the age of 24. He was one of only two KFPS Preferant stallions in the world, leaving Leffert 306 as the sole living Prefererant stallion.
Visit Anneke's Friesians for more information on his fruitful life in the Netherlands.
Posted on: 11/4/07
FHANA hires new Executive Director
FHANA has hired their third consecutive Executive Director. Welcome to Ms. Trudi Jensen.
"Ms. Jensen comes to us with experience in Membership Services, Public Relations, Fund Raising, Event Planning and a strong background in Office Management. Your FHANA Board is very excited to have Ms. Jensen aboard and we ask all of our members in joining us in welcoming Ms. Jensen to our Association. Ms. Jensen Starts on August 27, 2007."
Sources: FHANA
Posted on: 8/30/07
FHANA Board Changes
The FHANA board has shifted once more, with one member resigning and two more appointed to the currently vacant positions. From the FHANA website:
"The Board regrets to announce that Board Director Terri Ray has resigned. This now leaves two open Board positions. The current FHANA Board has taken the steps to fill these two positions with the next two candidates who received the most votes. Therefore, we are happy to announce that John Howard will be filling Annie Longs position and Elizabeth Sharp will be filling Terri Rays position. The Board has also decided to have these individuals fulfill the remainder of these terms. Please join your Board in welcoming our new Board Members."
Sources: FHANA
Posted on: 8/25/07
FHANA Executive Director Resigns
No, this isn't an accidental reprint. Newly hired Executive Director Lindsey Flora has resigned after less than a month working with FHANA. From the FHANA website:
"The FHANA Board regrets to announce that Lindsey Flora our Executive Director has decided to end his short employment with us. His previous employer offered him a promotion and he decided that was best for him at this time.

He stated:

"Dear Board:
I respectfully submit my resignation from FHANA effective 8/6/07. I am returning to my previous job. I was given an opportunity I feel that I should pursue."

For more information on the current handling of FHANA's affairs and the search for a new director, please visit the FHANA website.

Sources: FHANA
Posted on: 8/19/07
Winand 405 Deceased
Approved FPS stallion Winand 405 (Pike x Naen) who was imported only a few years ago by Iron Spring Farm of Pennsylvania, is deceased.
"It is with deep sorrow that we announce that Winand 405 was euthanized on July 11th 2007. He had colic surgery in April and while he was recovering he contracted laminitis.
We have been trying to stop the laminitis since then but unfortunately last week the disease began to progress rapidly and there was nothing left we could do to save him. Winand was a wonderful stallion, with a super personality, outstanding beauty and wonderful to ride. We miss him very much.“

Winand 405 joins Goffert 369 and Syste 385 as the third FPS approved stallion from Iron Spring Farm to pass on unexpectedly and much too soon. Our condolences to the owners and staff who knew him well. Erik 351, Heinse 354, Teade 392, and the newly arrived Ulbert 390 remain at Iron Spring.

Posted on: 7/18/07
FHANA hires new Executive Director
The Friesian Horse Association of North America has announced the hiring of a new Executive Director, Mr. Lindsey Flora.
"Lindsey currently has provided fiscal services for the Commonwealth of Kentucky's Secretary of State. Prior to that he had an exemplary career of over twenty years in the administration of the Kentucky Department of Parks. Retiring in April 2004, it became his quest to work in the equine industry. Upon becoming acquainted with the majestic Friesian, Lindsey knew he wanted to use his skills to become an integral part of the Friesian world. "I want to thank the FHANA Board of Directors for the opportunity to be associated with this fine organization committed to the Friesian Horse," stated Lindsey Flora. "It is my intention to be very involved in all aspects of the mission and vision of the Friesian Horse Association of North America."
Lindsey Flora is to start work around the 15th of July. Welcome Mr. Flora, you have big shoes to fill, but we the members look forward to working with you!
Sources: FHANA
Posted on: 7/11/07
FHANA Board Member Resigns
From the FHANA website:
"Due to personal reasons Markann (Annie) Long resigned from the Board effective June 2nd. Annie served the members since February of 2006. The FHANA Board wishes Annie well and will greatly miss her contributions to the Board. The Board will make a decision about the vacancy at the July Regional Meeting in Calgary."
Sources: FHANA
Posted on: 6/11/07
FHANA Executive Director Brian Quinsey Resigns

From the FHANA website:

"Bryan Quinsey resigned from his position as FHANA’s Executive Director effective May 8th 2007, citing personal and professional reasons. Though Bryan’s work with FHANA has been short in time, it has been long in organizational progress. During Bryan’s tenure, he physically moved the office from Sisters, Oregon to the Kentucky Horse Park and again into FHANA’s new suite within the Kentucky Horse ParkÖ With skill, he organized the office updating FHANA’s database, worked closely with the FPS to expedite registration papers now printed at the FHANA office, coordinated the 2006 Inspections, produced a breathtaking commercial booth and updated the Member Directory.
Bryan, Thank You for providing the organizational bridge from Sisters to Lexington. God Speed, Bryan!
Administrative Assistant Kim Hopson will continue Bryan and the Boards belief in Customer Service when members contact the office."
Source: FHANA
Posted on: 5/11/07
KFPS & FPZV Reach Agreement About Future Registrations

"The KFPS has reached an agreement with the German FN and KFPS daughter FPZV on a solution for the problems regarding the registration of offspring from FPZV approved stallions. The solution consists of setting up a new register within the KFPS for offspring of stallions that are approved by a European KFPS daughter. It was also agreed that stallions that have been disapproved by KFPS and were "taken over" by the FPZV will retain their current status. The offspring of these stallions will remain registered by KFPS in B-book II.

Up to now the offspring of all FPZV approved stallions were registered in B-book II by KFPS. After four generations of offspring from KFPS-approved stallions the offspring could be entered from the B-book back into the main register. In the new situation foals of dams from the new register can after one generation be entered into the main register of KFPS, if they are sired by a KFPS stallion. "This solution provides a more correct status for FPZV stallions. These stallions, given the fact that they underwent an inspection process, cannot be put at the same level as any random foalbook stallion of which possible offspring is entered into B-book II. However, the differences in breeding goals and selection policies between the KFPS and FPZV are still too big to put the stallions of both studbooks on an equal level," says KFPS director Ids Hellinga further to the choice.

The complexity of the problem was especially the fact that many parties have interests in the matter, such as also the DFZ (the KFPS breeding chapter in Germany) and the stallion owners/managers. "The KFPS included all interested parties in the discussions, which led to a solution that is agreeable to all parties in both Germany and The Netherlands," says Hellinga. Also the Dutch Cattle Meat & Poultry agency PVE supports the new set-up.

In the near future more talks will take place between KFPS, FN, and FPZV about further harmonization of the regulations and closer cooperation regarding breeding. "

Sources: Translated by Anneke's Friesians
Posted on: 3/31/07
Neonatal or Hemolytic Icterus (N.I.)
FHANA recently posted this informational article which Laurie Kasperek (FHANA member & editor of The Friesian) has been working on getting publicized. I will provide a permanent link to this article in the Care & Health section.

Dr. Hein van Haeringen, Phd, Vet. Med., is the founder of the Van Haeringen Laboratories in Wageningen, The Netherlands. According to Dr. Van Haeringen, "It has been known for many years that foals can die when the difference between the blood groups of mare and stallion is too great. For a long time, this was a familiar problem among English Thoroughbreds and riding horses such as the ones registered by the KWPN. It was not until recently that this problem was cropping up and possibly increasing among Friesian horses."

The following PDF download is a brochure written by Dr. van Haeringen in 2007 for all equine breeders, veterinarians, and universities, in the hope that all those involved in breeding and delivering foals will be highly aware of the growing possibility for NI foals. The download is for your personal use and is copyright protected. Please send all equine lovers the link to this URL for them to download and read the important information regarding NI in equines.

Sources: FHANA
Posted on: 3/30/07
KFPS Inspector Arend Mandemaker Deceased
From the FPS:
"KFPS Inspector Arend Mandemaker died yesterday [3/9/07] evening following a brief but severe illness. Our thoughts go out to Baukje Mandemaker and the children, and we wish them all the best in bearing such a loss.

The death of Arend Mandemaker means the passing of a multifaceted Friesian horseman. Mandemaker was successful not only as a breeder of Friesian horses bearing the name of his family’s stables “ut 'e Leanen”, but also in driving competitions in which he most recently won prizes with the pair of horses Jantyne and Tjallien ut 'e Leanen. For many years, the KFPS has made grateful use of his thorough knowledge of the Friesian horse by having him act as a studbook inspector. The KFPS is also very grateful to Arend Mandemaker for his efforts devoted to the association and especially to the Friesian horse."

Mr. Arend Mandemaker most recently judged the East Coast circuit of the 2006 FPS North American Inspections, and will be missed by all who have known him. Additional condolences can be viewed on the FHANA website.

Sources: FPS
Posted on: 3/16/07
New Friesian Film has produced a new 1 hour DVD on the Friesian horse and it's history. The film is available to order through their website starting in March, and there is currently a trailer available to watch.
From what I can glean through the translation machine, the English version will be available in April. It seems to have been quite a collaboration, and has a long list of credits including quite a number of museums, breeders, trainers, and businesses. It looks like, from the pictures, that they will have some historical re-enactments, they will show how a sjees is traditonally made, show some film of the traditional bareback races, and will feature some Friesian performers and competitors. And of course, as in any good Friesian film, it has the requisite appearance of Approved Stallions.

Posted on: 2/28/07
Ielke 382 sold to America

13 year old approved KFPS stallion Ielke 382 (Nykle 309 x Tsjalling 235) has been purchased by Spearmint Rhino Ranch, along with (previoiusly mentioned)Gradus 356 (Reitse 272 P. x Oege 267 P.), and will join Gerryt 360 (Reitse 272 P. x Doeke 287) and Maiko 373 (Tsjerk 328 x Barteld 292) standing at stud at in Norco, California.

Source: FHANA
Posted on: 2/25/07
25 Most Popular FPS Stallions of 2006

Friesian Love Coach has posted a lovely summary of the top 25 most popular stallions for 2006. These results are based on the official FPS count of breedings for each stallion, posted on their website (in dutch).

Jasper 366 has been ousted from the top spot this year by his son, Haitse 425, with a registered 271 breedings last year. 2006's Grand Champion at the Central Stallion Inspection, Beart 411, while coming in at 10th in popularity, has the highest number of first premie foals, numbering 30 out of 179 breedings! The popular young stallion Doaitsen 420 also has quite respectable numbers coming in third in popularity, with 24 1st premie foals out of 252 breedings. In comparison, 2007's Grand Champion, Onne 376, 5th in popularity with 216 breedings, had only 5 first premie offspring, and the very popular Jasper 366, second in line with 253 breedings, had only 17 first premie offspring.

Below are the top 25 results, with the stallion name, and number of breedings. To view more information, including the 1st premie numbers for each stallion and more great information, please visit Friesian Love Coach or the FPS website.

1. Haitse 425 - 271
2. Jasper 366 - 253
3. Doaitsen 420 - 252
4. Felle 422 - 223
5. Onne 376 - 216
6. Wikke 404 - 198
7. Tsjerk 328 - 189
8. Tietse 428 - 188
9. Harmen 424 - 181
10. Beart 411 - 179
11. Folkert 353 - 177
12. Andries 415 - 164

13. Lolke 371 - 153
14. Mintse 384 - 152
15. Fridse 423 - 148
16. Aan 416 - 137
17. Time 398 & Gjalt 426 - 135
18. Wobke 403 - 134
19. Tije 401 - 133
20. Brandus 325 - 130
21. Ulbert 390 - 129
22. Brend 413 - 122
23. Hinne 427 - 120
24. Ymte 407 & Ait 410 - 116
25. Tsjabring 429 - 114

Please note that there are two ties, in 17th place and 24th place, so in actuality there are 27 horses listed here. This list also differs slightly from the one found at Friesian Love Coach, as I have combined the number 17 tie under one listing instead of listing them as 17th and 18th, and thus have added Tsjabring as the 25th stallion.

Posted on: 2/18/07
Goffert 369 Deceased

"Author: Iron Spring Farm
Date: 02/13/2007

Goffert 369 Rest in Peace

6/14/94 - 2/13/07

It is with much sadness that we announce that Goffert 369 was euthanized February 13, 2007. He suffered from colic and although everyeffort was made to save him the damage was irreparable. "Herbie" was a very special horse in every way. He was not only an unforgettable Grand Prix performer and sire of champions, but also a real superstar. In Holland he was treated with respect and great admiration.

We also send our condolences to his rider and trainer Belinda Narin Wertman.

He was one of a kind and we feel blessed for the time we had with him.
FHANA offers our condolences to Mary Alice Malone and staff at Iron Spring Farm."

Goffert 369 (Reitse 272 P. x Cobus 248) was 13 years of age, and leaves behind many promising offspring and devoted admirers. He will be missed.

Source: FHANA
Posted on: 2/13/07
The Friesian Connection purchases Mintse 384

Robert and Arlene De Boer (& family) of Dorr, Michigan have purchased 11 year old approved stallion Mintse 384 (Leffert 306 P. x Lammert 260). The Friesian Connection also owns approved stallion Ouke 313, as well as stallions Jorrit 363 and Rintse 386 who were recently dissaproved on offspring. Here is a press release from their farm:

"After a disappointing December month the Friesian Connection has decided to import a Friesian Stallion already approved on his offspring. He was the grand champion in the Stallion Show in Leeuwarden in 2005, and he was in the champion round in 2007 where he was proclaimed the best in trot. Who is this exciting stallion coming here? Mintse 384!!!!!!! He will be here in time for the spring breeding season. Contact us as soon as possible for a breeding contract. Call Janice at 616-896-6583 or Amy at 616-896-7258, cell phone 616-893-2964. Plan to have this exciting stallion be part of your breeding program.
Bob and Arlene De Boer and family."

Congratulations to the DeBoers on their purchase and their dedication to the FPS breeding pool in North America!

Posted on: 1/31/07
Gradus 356 sold to America

Approved KFPS stallion Gradus 356 (Reitse 272 P.x Oege 267 P.) has been sold to Spearmint Rhino Ranch of Norco, California. Thirteen year old Gradus has one approved son, Teste 394.

Source: Friesian-L
Posted on: 1/29/07
2007 Stallion Show Results

Twenty-six stallions have passed the third round of the stallion inspection, and will move on to the 70 day testing, including Maurice P. ((Wander 352 x Tsjerk 328) owned by FHANA members Klaas and Mares Vanderploeg. Of the approved stallions being presented this year, the final results are as follows:

Grand Champion: Onne 376 (Leffert 306 x Hearke 254 P.)
Reserve Champion: Harmen 424 (Teunis 332 x Oege 267 P.)

Other stallions falling into the top five included: Beart 411, Jerke 434, and Mintse 384. For the full listing of young stallions moving on to the next round of testing, visit the FHANA website. Congratulations to all!

Source: FHANA
Posted on: 1/14/07
Watch the Stallion Show Live!

According to our good friend Japke, the stallion show can be watched in live video streaming over the internet through the Dutch site It's the next best thing to being there in person, so be sure to tune in if you have a high speed connection!

Source: Japke
Posted on: 1/11/07