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FHANA Launches New Website

The Friesian Horse Association of North America has launched it's new website for it's members and Friesian enthusiasts. Go take a look at the new layout and available resources!

Sources: FHANA
Posted on: 12/31/08
Four KFPS Stallions Newly Approved

Four of the five stallions undergoing the final exam of the last leg of the 70 day stallion testing in Ermelo, NL have been approved. All are the sons of fairly young approved stallions themselves. The new stallions are Sjerp 446 (Andries x Pike), Stendert 447 (Andries x Piter), Pier 448 (Beart x Aiso) and Sake 449 (Doaitsen x Rypke). Congratulations to all newly approved stallions and their owners. Visit Holland-Friesians for more details and linear scores on each of the stallions.

Posted on: 11/22/08
Potential for New FHANA Membership Category

FHANA is considering the introduction of a new reduced-cost membership category. A Casual Member would pay a reduced fee which would provide that member with voting rights and regular issues of "The Friesian", but would not allow that member to register additional Friesian horses. This membership category would benefit the owners of geldings and horses not used for breeding. Currently, 74% of FHANA members agree with the possible implementation of this new membership status. Full details are available on the FHANA website.

Sources: FHANA
Posted on: 11/19/08
KFPS Stallion Show to be presented in English

The annual KFPS Stallion Show, held every January in the Netherlands, will now be available in live English translation to English-speaking attendees. According to FHANA:

"A simultaneous interpretation will be provided this year, for all 3 days, in order to make the Stallion Inspection even more attractive to foreign members. Those attending the show will be able to follow the jury’s commentary in the English language via a headset.
Sources: FHANA
Posted on: 11/19/08
FHANA Hires new Executive Director

FHANA has hired Jason Tice as the new Executive Director of the Friesian Horse Association of North America. FHANA found Jason, who has equine, though no Friesian breed experience, through a professional search firm.

"The FHANA Board is pleased to announce the hiring of Jason Tice for the position of Executive Director. Jason is a highly motivated individual who possesses the skillset to fulfill and exceed the job requirements of the FHANA Executive Director position. Jason comes to us from a background of membership driven association work, and while he is new to Friesian horses, he is not new to the wonderful world of horses. Jason loves to trail ride and supports his wife, Jessica at horse shows. FHANA, by working through a professional search firm, has spent a great deal of time and effort to secure a competent, qualified candidate for our position and we're confident that we have found that candidate in Jason. Jason was among over fifty candidates interviewed for this position and only after his interview before the FHANA Board was he offered the position."
Sources: FHANA
Posted on: 8/27/08
Remmelt 323 Deceased

North American FPS Approved stallion Remmelt 323 (Oege 267 P x Hearke 254 P) is deceased. The nineteen year old stallion was owned by Steve and Vicky Stevens of Utah. He sired one approved stallion, Tsjipke 399. Our condolences for the loss of this sweet and beautiful stallion.

Posted on: 5/27/08
KFPS Stallion Brend 413 comes to America

FPS Approved stallion Brend 413 (Brandus 345 x Doeke 287) has been purchased by Iron Spring Farm of Coatesville, Pennsylvania. The eight year old stallion is approved on offspring and will be arriving in the states next week. Brend will be joining the company of Iron Spring Farm's four other approved stallions; Teade 392, Ulbert 390, Erik 351, and Heinse 354. Congratulations to Iron Spring on their new addition!

Posted on: 5/17/08
Lolke 371 comes to North America

FPS Approved stallion Lolke 371 (Oege P x Reitse P) will be arriving in the United States for the 2008 breeding season. The thirteen year old stallion, the last approved son of Oege Preferent, will be standing at stud in Royal Oak, Maryland. He is the sire of eight year old approved stallion Felle 422.

Sources: FHANA
Posted on: 3/11/08
First Stallion Approved at N.America Testing Site

This year the FPS held the first North American 70-day stallion testing. In past years stallions were flown to the Netherlands to participate in the testing. The testing was held at DG Bar Ranch in California, and overseen by FPS Judges Fetse Veldstra and Bauke deBoer. Four North American stallions were inspected at the event, and one made the final cut. Michael W, owned by Harry Witteveen, and now known as Michiel 442 (Tsjerk 328 x Leffert 306 P), has attained preliminary approval and breeding rights. Congratulations to Michiel and the Witteveens of Paris, Ontario!

Sources: FHANA
Posted on: 2/29/08
2008 Stallion Show Results

Two Jasper sons have achieved the top spots of the 2008 FPS Stallion Inspection. Grand Champion went to Haitse 425 (Jasper 336 x Rypke 321) and Reserve Champion went to Beart 411 (Jasper 366 x Feitse 293P).
Additionally, 3 Beart sons, 3 Andries sons, and 4 Doaitsen sons were among the 23 stallions chosen for the fall '08 Central Proving.

For full results from the 2008 Stallion Show, please visit the FPS website.

Sources: FPS
Posted on: 1/13/08
4 Stallions Approved on Offspring

Last year, the offspring of 8 KFPS stallions were evaluated for quality, the final step in the stallion approval process. Of these, 4 stallions had sired enough offspring of good quality to be permanantly approved. The others listed, as I understand it, while not dissaproved on offspring (meaning their offspring were of insufficient quality), did not have a sufficient number of offspring to inspect, and so will be re-evaluated in 2008.

Wikke 404
Beart 411
Brend 413
Andries 415

Preliminary Approval:
Aan 416
While Aan did not have the required number of 40 offspring to be evaluated, he was granted temporary approval until a sufficient number of offspring can be inspected in 2008.

Retracted Breeding Permit:
Tsjipke 399
Tsjesse 400
Winand 405
These horses have had their breeding permits put on hold until they can meet the quota of offspring for inspection and will be retried in 2008. In the case of Winand, the stallion died before finishing offspring approval, which may result in the remaining straws of frozen semen being retracted from use.

Keep an eye on the FPS website for a more comprehensive explanation of these decisions.

Posted on: 1/2/08