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Tjibbe and Tietse Approved - The two stallions granted a shortened performance testing due to their sport accomplishments in dressage have both been approved. Tjibbe Ylcke (Brandus 345 x Tjimme 275) is now Tsjabring 429, and Tietse D (Reyert 337 x Oepke 266) is now Tietse 428.
Source: Friesian Love Coach

Friesian Business Reviews - Know a breeder who helped you out 110% when buying your Friesian? Had some trouble with a dealer who wasn't so great? The new Friesian Business Review page allows you to nominate, rate, and review, any business in the Friesian horse industry.

Warn 335 Returns to NL - Fifteen year old approved stallion Warn (Hearke 254 P x Wessel 237 P) has been bought from long time American breeder Frank Leijendekker in CA and will soon return the Netherlands.
Source: Anneke's Friesians

Djurre 284 Deceased - Retired approved FPS stallion Djurre 284 (Wessel 237 P x Nanne 197) from Pinnacle Farm in Connecticut died on February 2nd, 2006. He was 24. Djurre sired six approved stallions in his lifetime and has eight direct approved grandsons.

Friesian Dressage Success - The Friesian has been showing growing success in dressage competitions in the breed's home region. At the Dutch KNHS Championships in Friesland, Friesian horses were the champions of as well as in the top five in the L2, M1 and M2 competitions. Approved stallion Tsjibbe 388 recieved a close 2nd in Z1, and the highest score in Z2 went to approved stallion Ulbert 390.
Source: Anneke's Friesians

Stallion Merit Approval - Two young stallions have been approved for the shortened, merit-based Central Proving. Tietse D (Reyert 337 x Oepke 266) and Tjibbe Ylcke (Brandus 345 x Tjimme 275), both performing at Prix St.Georges level in dressage, will be allowed to skip sections of the judging based on their accomplishments in sport. Stallions selected for short testing will be observed at sporting events by Inspectors, who will consider the horse's natural aptitude in the discipline. The usual testing of semen quality, x-rays, and exterior conformation will still take place, but the performance testing will be shortened to two weeks, during which the stall manners and character of the stallion will be considered.
Source: Anneke's Friesians

Central Testing - Five stallions have begun the spring Central Proving. The stallions (names shortened) Goeie, Grandus, Hilbert, Hindrik and Haakon are currently being evaluted and trained in this next step in the approval process. To learn more about stallion approval, check out the Encyclopedia.
Source: FHANA

FHANA Board - Are you a FHANA member? Don't forget to vote. There are seven people running for three seats on the Board of Directors. Do some research and get to know your candidates: Marc Dileo, Carlton Everhart, John Van Haren, Pam Jackson, Annie Long, Jim Paradinovich, and Leo Zylstra. Ballots will be sent out February 15th.
Source: FHANA

January '06

Het Friesch Paard: History - New in the Historic Notes section, an excerpt from the History chapter of the book "Het Friesch Paard" by Petra van den Heuvel, voluntarily translated and donated by Japke Zonneveld. Thanks Japke!

Central Keuring Results - Beart 411 (Jasper 366 x Feitse 293 P) has become the 2006 Central Stallion Inspection champion. Time 398 went Reserve Champion. 28 new stallions in all were selected for testing in the spring and fall of 2006. Noticable in the results of who has passed on to the testing is the Fabe influence. Three are sons of Fabe 348 himself, and three more are sons of Sape 381 (Fabe's approved son). Also popular with two sons in consideration each, were Folkert 353, Jasper 366, Onne 376, and Time 398.

Foal Name Letters - The FPS foal names for 2006 are T, U, and V. Not sure what this is all about? Check out the Encyclopedia under "names".

New Care & Health Section
Read up on the health and care issues of the breed, and submit your own topics and advice!

Winand 405 sold to U.S.
Approved stallion Winand 405 (Pike 316 x Naen 264) has been bought by Iron Spring Farm. He will join Goffert 369, Heinse 354, Erik 351, and Teade 392 in Pennsylvania.

1st Approved Stallion in South Africa
Ritse 322 (Oege 267P x Hotse 223) was recently sold to South Africa, becoming the first approved stallion to stand in the country.

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Celtic Cross Farm's Anne & Tonke
2nd premie Star mare Anna fan it Heim and first born colt Tonke CCF, born 4/20/06.

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