KFPS Stallion Offspring Results

FHANA has published the official results of the 2006 Stallion Offspring tests. Of the fourteen stallions being tested, seven were approved and seven disapproved on offspring. Here are the lists:

Ielke 382
Teeuwis 389
Teade 392
Tonis 393
Rik 396
Tsjalke 397
Wobke 403

Rintse 386
Tsjibbe 388
Tonke 391
Tetse 394
Time 398
Tije 401
Wibe 402

Source: FHANA
Posted on: 12/20/06
FHANA Board Questionnaire

In addition to the letters submitted by the eight board nominees, FHANA has developed a comprehensive questionnaire addressing important issues facing the Association, for each of the nominees to respond to if they choose. A number of candidates have responded already, and I reccommend that every voting member go read the responses on the FHANA website. It is important that you are aware of the issues currently facing FHANA and how each of the nominees plans on addressing those issues, in order for you to make an informed decision.
And please don't forget to vote! The right to vote in elections is a privilege you are given as the owner of a FHANA registered Friesian , and it is one you should take advantage of! It is a chance to personally make a difference in the organization by electing someone who you believe will be a reliable custodian of the breed and represent your interests and concerns on a national and international scale.

Source: FHANA
Posted on: 12/15/06
Fridse 423 to come to the US

Recently approved 4 year old KFPS stallion Fridse 423 (Teunis 332 x Nammen 308) has been purchased by Wish Upon a Ster Friesians. Fridse was the 2005 champion of the performance testing and will be standing for stud at Persistence Farm in Beallsville, Maryland. Congratulations to the new owners at Wish Upon a Ster!

Source: FHANA
Posted on: 12/15/06
Tjesse 400 arrives in America

Seven year old KFPS approved stallion Tjesse 400 (Sjaard 320 x Hearke 254 Pref.) has been imported to the US and will be standing at stud in Enumclaw, Washington. Congratulations to new owners Regine Brockway and JRB Friesians!

Source: Friesian YahooGroup
Posted on: 12/14/06
Offspring Testing Results

Keep an eye out for the KFPS offspring testing results, coming out on Wednesday, December 21st. The following stallions are up for offspring approval: Ielke 382, Rintse 386, Tsjibbe 388, Teeuwis 389, Tonke 391, Teade 392, Tonis 393, Tetse 394, Rik 396, Tsjalke 397, Time 398, Tije 401, Wibe 402, and Wobke 403.
Have opinions on who will make it and who won't? Start a thread at the Friesian Forum. Stayed tuned for the official results.

Source: FHANA
Posted on: 12/14/06
KFPS and FPZV Cooperative Talks

On December 1st, representatives from the Dutch KFPS, German FPZV, and authorities from the seperate Dutch and German agricultural and environmental ministries met to discuss cooperation between the registries. All parties have agreed to improved communication between the two studbooks in matters pertaining to the breeding and selection of Friesian horses. To help improve relations, the KFPS has invited the FPZV board members to the annual Stallion Show in January, and the FPZV has invited a KFPS inspector to be appointed to the FPZV stallion licensing committee, during their inspection in March.

Check out the FHANA webpage for the full official information. For a bit of gossip about what this all means, head over to Anneke's Friesians and read her notation at the end of the paragraph on this topic.

Source: FHANA
Posted on: 12/9/06

5 New FPS Stallions Approved

Five stallions have passed the Fall 2006 FPS stallion testing in the Netherlands. The name in (parentheses) is the stallion's birth name. The newly approved studbook stallions are:

Jorn 430 (Johan R.) [Fabe x Feitse]
Loadewyk 341 (Leon van de Zuiderwaard) [Tsjerk x Jurjen]
Jense 432 (Jelke T.J.) [Sierk x Leffert]
Jisse 433 (Jitse) [Jasper x Dirk]
Jerke 434 (Jerke van de Wittewijk) [Onne x Tsjerk]

The stallion Jehannes de G. had to discontinue the final evalution due to health issues, and will be finishing his testing in the spring. Stallions Jorrit fan Stal Redia and Leonhard vom Lindenbaum were also excused earlier in the testing due to health issues, and will be returning for continued testing in the spring.
Visit the FHANA website for more comprehensive info, and congratulations to the newly approved!

Source: FHANA
Posted on: 11/25/06
FHANA Board Nominees

Interested in joining the FHANA Board of Directors? Two board positions are opening up, and the deadline for nominations is (postmarked) November 15th. Nominees must be a full voting member in good standing and must be nominated by at least two other FHANA voting members. Check out the FHANA website for details.

Source: FHANA
Posted on: 11/12/06
USDF All-Breed Awards

FHANA has posted the results of the USDF All-Breed awards for FHANA members. Quite a few approved stallions, including Feike, Bearend, Teade and Winand have been doing well, and the overall results for Friesians are great! Go take a peek and see if someone you know is on the list.

Source: FHANA
Posted on: 11/8/06
Thomas 327 Deceased

FPS approved stallion Thomas 327 (Ygram 240 x Oege 267 P) was humanely euthanized in late October. He was 16.

Posted on: 11/5/06

Anton 343 Moves to Wisconsin

Approved stallion Anton 343 has been sold to Jim and Lorraine Paradinovich of Wisconsin. Anton was imported in 2004 by Cathy and Terry Zine, and had been standing at stud in Massachusetts. Anton 343 is one of the top producing FPS stallions, and currently has one approved son, Teade 392, who stands at Iron Spring Farm in PA. Anton 343 will join fellow approved stallion, Anne 340 at the Paradinovich's farm, Friesian Dreams, in Franklin, WI. Congratulations to the Paradinovichs and the Zines, and good luck to Anton in his new home. The New England crowd will miss him.

Source: Amy from Friesian-L
Posted on: 10/28/06
Results of the Central Mare Show

5 year old Dryske fan de Slachtedyk (Teunis 332 x Djurre 284) was made the 2006 champion mare at the Central Mare inspection in Leeuwarden on October 21st. Reserve champion mare went to yearling Rebekka G.T. (Doaitsen 420 x Folkert 353). For the full championship results and a synopsis of the show and Dryske's victory, please visit the FHANA website.

Source: FHANA
Posted on: 10/23/06
2007 Stallion Show Program

The program of events for the 2007 FPS Stallion show, running from January 11th - 13th, has been posted on the FHANA website. Thursday there will be free clinics, a WFHO meeting and a retirement party for a member of the FPS. Friday is the second round of the stallion inspection, with a horse sale and performance program in the evening. Saturday is the third round of the stallion inspection and the stallion show itself. Check the site for more details.

Source: FHANA
Posted on: 10/23/06
Results of IFSHA Election

The results of the 2006 IFSHA election for the five available board seats are as follows:

Winners of the three year terms: Garath Selwood, Lance Bennett and Sandra Surber.
Winners of the two year terms: Debra Goldman and Catherine Moore.

The new board members will be officially installed on November 9th meeting at the IFHSA Grand Nationals.

Source: IFSHA
Posted on: 10/14/06
Five U.S. Stallions Tapped for 2nd Round

Five young North American FPS stallions have been invited to take part in the second round of the stallion approval process in Leeuwarden on January 12th, 2007.

Hotze (Bonne 341 x Ids 300) - owned and bred by Pier & Darlene VanderHoek of Helm, CA.
Jelle F. (Onne 376 x Tsjerk 328) - bred by P.L. Folkertsma, owned by Mordechay Shahak of Wellington, FL.
Jonas ISF (Ulbert 390 x Anton 343) - owned and bred by Iron Spring Farm of Coatesville, PA.
Maurice P. (Wander 352 x Tsjerk 328) - owned and bred by Klaas & Mares Vanderploeg of Ithaca, MI.
Nico F.T. (Andries 415 x Jacob 302) - bred by F. van der Velde, owned by Frank Leyendekker of Visalia, CA.

Congratulations to the semi-finalists! We wish you luck!

Source: FHANA
Posted on: 10/13/06
Wibe 402 comes to America

According to the latest Phryso magazine (info. coming to us through a 2nd hand source) Approved Stallion Wibe 402 (Oege 267 P. x Tsjerk 328) was bought by a "buisiness man" from Illinois. Apparently his new owner plans on using Wibe for show and dressage. Information is not yet availble on whether the stallion will in fact be available for stud in the United States.
Stay tuned for updates.

Posted on: 10/8/06

2006 FPS Inspection Results

The results of the Inspections on the 2006 FPS North American circuit are being posted on the FHANA website as information comes in. In past years results were not seen until they were published in "The Friesian" some months later. So go take a look at how the Friesians of N. America have been doing so far, and encourage your local Friesian club or Inspection organizer to send in the results from your keur, if they haven't already.

Posted on: 9/27/06
1st Model Mare in New England

1st premie Ster and Provisional Model mare Ymkje Jaaike has become the first mare to attain the Model status in New England. Ymkje Jaaike, owned by Friesians of Majesty from Townshend, VT, made Model status after passing her ridden IBOP test on 9/22/06 at the Northampton, MA Inspection, with a score of 82. Congratulations to owners Robert and Laurie Labrie.

Posted on: 9/23/06
Maiko 373 comes to America

FPS Approved Stallion Maiko 373 (Tsjerk 328 x Barteld 292) has been purchased by John and Sheryl Hernandez [source: FHANA] and will be standing at Spearmint Rhino Ranch of Norco, California. Maiko, previously owned by K. Sipma of Stalhouderij Meijer, is 10 years old and approved on offspring. He recieved a 2nd premie at this year's stallion show. Maiko will be standing stud alongside Gerryt 360 who was imported in 2005.

Source: Margo Farnsworth - Friesian Yahoo Groups
Posted on: 9/11/06
KFPS Structure

The FPS has announced that it will be adopting a new organizational structure. Among the changes:

"The new structure provides for ten regions in the Netherlands that correspond to the existing breeding associations and another three regions outside of the Netherlands: one for Germany, one for North America and one for other countries. Indirectly, all members will have the same influence and can easily address the representatives in their own region. The executive committee will attend the regional meeting where it will listen to the input of members. The council of members will be the association's highest body, and each region will elect two or three representatives to this council of members."

For more information on the changes, visit the FHANA website. The complete structure report, charter, and bylaws (in dutch) can be downloaded from the FPS website:

Source: FHANA
Posted on: 9/4/06

IFSHA Elections

The International Friesian Show Horse Association's Board of Directors election is coming up in September. The deadline for ballots is September 15th, so if you are member, take advantage of your voting privileges to elect five of the eight nominees to the IFSHA board. There are seven positions on the Board of Directors itself, and five of the Directors (Lesa Bobbit, Annette Coester, Tammy Hildreth, William Page, James Paradinovich) are retiring this year. The remaining two Directors, Kimberly Ramirez (treasurer) and Jennifer Wells, will be continuing.
Nominees are: Debra S. Goldman, Sandra L. Jacob, Lance Bennett, Gareth A. Selwood, Barbara A Geibel, Catherine L. Moore, Sandra J. Surber, and Steve Moore.

To learn more about the nominees and the IFSHA election, please visit the IFSHA website. Information on the nominee's is in PDF format. If you're having trouble viewing the content, you can e-mail Kelsey, I'd be glad to help you out if I can.

Source: IFSHA
Posted on: 8/30/06
2 year old Stallions at '06 Inspections

Here is a new option for owners of stallion prospects who want to have a leg-up in the scheduling of the inspection process, and/or just-can't-wait to see if he is stallion material:

"Regarding 2 year old stallions: They can be presented to the jury to get an advice during the 2006 Inspections in North America. Based on this advice, the owners could decide to send the stallion to the Netherlands (after testing for semen quality and X-rays) for the first inspections in December 2006. Via the Stallion Show (January 2007) these stallions could be selected for Central Proving (CP) in September 2007 (CP for 3-yr-olds). They can also present the stallion again in the North America in 2007 and if they are selected for CP, they can enter CP of spring 2008 (CP for 4-yr-olds). Ids Hellinga KFPS"
Source: FHANA
Posted on: 8/14/06
The Search

"Like many other Friesian fanatics I searched long and hard for my Friesian friend. When I found him, however, there was a side to the purchase I had never considered. The lady who sold him to me was heart broken at having to part with him. She had selflessly realised that she could not give him the future he deserved and decided to let him go. I have kept in touch with her and wrote her this poem. I hope it strikes a chord with those who are searching and for those who are thinking of selling a horse they realise they cannot keep. I know I am no poet but it says in a few lines all that I felt..."

A new poem by Helen on the Friesian Tales page. Go read it.

Posted on: 8/3/06

Friesian Product Reviews

Recently a suggestion was proposed for a product review page, for Friesian owners to give opinions on and compare various products often used with or on the Friesian breed. So, in the same manner as the Business Review page, Friesian Crazy has opened the Friesian Product Review page. Here visitors can read about, nominate and review products ranging from detanglers and coat enhancers, to saddles and scratches treatments. Please stop on by and add your own two-cents about your experiences with a favorite product or well known brand.

Posted on: 7/30/06
Friesian Fan Listing

Much like a directory, fan listings are literally a list of people (along with their e-mails) seperated out by location, who share a common interest in a certain topic. Friesian Crazy regular, Dark Lore, created such a listing for people interested in the Friesian breed, and after some years of running it herself, has donated it to Friesian Crazy. The Friesian Fan Listing is a great way for people to contact other Friesian fanatics around the globe. Please check out this new feature and consider joining!

Friesian Horse Fan List

Thank you Dark Lore!

Posted on: 7/30/06
FHANA DNA & Microchipping

This year, FHANA is changing the DNA and Microchipping procedure for registering Friesian foals. Normally it is done on the day of the Inspection, by the judges. This year, FHANA will be mailing a microchip and DNA kit to all owners of 2006 foals entered in the Inspection.

"Upon receipt of entries for the foal of 2006 (Categories 1 & 2), the FHANA staff will mail to the horse owner a DNA / microchip kit. It will include:
1. A microchip that needs to be injected by a licensed veterinarian. The vet must sign an affidavit that he/she injected the chip.
2. A DNA Hair Sample form - hairs must be pulled by a licensed veterinarian. Again, the vet must sign the form indicating that he pulledthe hair from the horse with that micro chip number. A plastic bag for the hair will be enclosed.
3. An envelope to mail the affidavit, hair sample form, and hair sample back to FHANA."

Alternatively to individual testing by the owner's vet, some Inspection sites may be providing a vet on site to microchip and DNA test the entire group of foals. Keep in touch with your local keur hosts to find out what is happening in your particular region.
According to FHANA, the change is occuring because the growing number of foals being judged at the Inspections is causing the process to take much longer periods of time, delaying the judge's schedules.

"...the judges have made comments back to the KFPS that they do not have enough time to visit with the horse owners about their horses. In the past, the judges have judged all day and then had to microchip and pull hair samples prior to jumping in a car to go to the airport."
Also, the FPS judges are not licensed as veterinarians in the US, which opens the FPS and FHANA to some serious legal issues.

For more information on this change, visit the FHANA website.

Source: FHANA
Posted on: 7/17/06
Friesian Crazy Merchandise

We are happy to announce that Friesian Crazy has opened up shop at That means you can buy great Friesian-themed merchandise and support hardworking at the same time! At the moment two Friesian designs are currently up and available, but new designs are in the works, and any requests or suggestions you might have are certainly welcome! You can send in your thoughts to Remember: Friesian Crazy provides completely free classifieds, advertising, community, and information for Friesian fanatics, so your support is greatly appreciated!

Visit the shop.

Posted on: 7/6/06
Friesian Saddle Naming Contest

There is a new Friesian saddle out, designed for the breed by Borne Saddlery, and they are looking for a name for it! The contest is taking place through Anneke's Friesians:

"Win a $200 gift certificate for English tack and apparel and your own feature page of choice online for six months by Borne Saddlery when you enter either a name or a vote for the name suggestions. The winner will be announced on October 3 at the Argyle TX KFPS/FHANA studbook inspection!"

To take a look at the saddle, submit a name, or vote, check out the saddle section on Anneke's Friesians.

Posted on: 7/1/06

Friesian Fun Days

Jokar's Hilltop Farm will be hosting the annual Friesian Fun days on July 13th- 16th 2006. The event is sponsored by the FOA but is also supported by members of various Friesian organizations, and is focused on allowing children the opportunity to interact with Friesian horses. The Friesians are donated for the event as are the lessons and clinics, allowing the kids to participate for free.

"Kids from across the country will be attending for a weekend of total Friesian immersion where they will have lessons in the breed, in natural horsemanship, dressage, driving, saddle seat, western and in the principles of Equine Massage."
This year the event is also offering paid clinics in driving and dressage to adults who wish to participate. For more information on the Friesian Fun Days, check out a full statement at Frieze Frame Friesians. Also check out the FOA website for more news soon. Contact Joe Myers [] for particulars.
Source: Joe Myers
Posted on: 6/22/06

Are you ready for the fall Inspections?

Okay, so it's June and the keur is at least 3 months away and while you may have started working your horse, actual preparations seem a long way off. But it's never too early to start preparing yourself for the big day! Take a look at our FPS Inspection Check-list, to be sure you have everything you need.

Also check out this report on the Keur Clinic with trainer Jenny Wells, held May 20th in Charlston, MA, to pick up a few tips on keur preparation. Jenny has over a decade of experience and success preparing horses for the keur, including training and presenting the Champion and Reserve Champ. Star mares at the 2005 Woodstock Inspection.

[Update 6/22] The FHANA keur applications for the 2006 Inspection are now available (in PDF format):

2006 Inspection Dates & Locations
2006 Inspection Instruction/Info. Letter
2006 Inspection Application Form

Looking for more forms? Visit the FHANA website and check out the Form Library.

Posted on: 6/20/06

Hannes 296 Deceased

FPS approved stallion Hannes 296 (V. Naen 264, MV. Mark 232 P) died on May 25th, 2006. He was 22.

Source: FHANA
Posted on: 6/3/06

Note about Biz Review page

Could those individuals who submitted statements for the Friesian Business Review page please contact me at I foolishly did not include a place for you to submit your e-mail, so I'm having trouble getting ahold of everyone who submitted something. Don't worry, you will continue to remain anonymous on the actual page, but I need some of your info. for my records. For those people from whom I don't get a response, I will eventually have to remove their review until I recieve the required information, so please let me know as soon as you can.

The form is fixed now and has a spot for your name and e-mail, which will remain confidential. Thanks very much everyone!

Posted on: 6/1/06

Prelim. FHANA Inspection Schedule

FHANA has posted a preliminary schedule for the 2006 Inspection. Please remember that date and location are subject to change. You can view it by going to the FHANA homepage. There is a link to the schedule under their "News" heading in the middle of the page.

Source: FHANA
Posted on: 6/1/06

2 FHANA members murdered in CA

(San Diego, CA - April 28, 2006)
"Sheriff's deputies arrested a 24-year-old man on suspicion of murder in connection with the slayings of his mother-in-law and his wife's teenage sister Wednesday night in their rural home, authorities said.
Jason Duane Cooper of Fallbrook was taken into custody Wednesday (April 26, 2006) night near the house, on San Jacinto Circle West near Morro Hills Road, sheriff's homicide Lt. Dennis Brugos said.

Deputies were sent to the home shortly before 5:30 p.m. Wednesday after Thomas Liebner discovered his 53-year-old wife, Robyn Liebner, and 16-year-old daughter, Jenna Liebner, [note: (both FHANA members)] had been killed, authorities said. A motive for the slayings was not known, investigators said...(read more at the FHANA website..)

Some neighbors said they wanted to make sure that the horses kept by the family were being cared for. A volunteer with the Sheriff's Department checked on the animals and told the group that the horses had been fed. The victims had competed in equestrian events in Del Mar."
Robyn and Jenna owned Kobi and Reije van Hylpen, both FPS/FHANA registered Friesians.

Source: FHANA
Posted on: 5/31/06

New Friesian Novel

A new historical fiction novel is in the works, "Torden, Hear the Thunder" and is based around a Dutch girl and her Friesian:

" 'Torden, Hear the Thunder' is a captivating fictional novel about a Friesian stallion and a girl in the Netherlands during the early 1900's. The spectacular, endearing Friesian breed was almost extinct and this impressive stallion will help re-establish the breed in the second book of the two-part series.

The first book is currently in editing. Our aim is to publish this historical fiction (approximately 300 pages) in the fall of 2006"

You can visit the book's website at
Posted on: 5/29/06

Have you seen these horses?

A few Dutch Friesian owners who have sold horses to Americans through dealers or importers are hoping to contact the buyers to see how their horses are faring in their new home. They are also offering to give the new owners background information on the horses, if desired. The first photo is of the mare Tirza, who was sold to a Jean in Florida. The second photo is of the gelding Waldo, who was sold to a Jennifer in Sacramento, California. Both these horses were sold to the dealer, Black Sterling Friesians. Click on each photo for a full view. If you have any information that might help the previous owners track down these horses, please contact: Saskia Erkelens, Thank you.

Posted on: 5/24/06

Limit on number of ET foals per mare lifted

The FPS regulation limiting the number of embryo transfer (ET) foals a mare could produce in a year to five (foals per year) has been removed altogether. Upon suggestion of the breeding council, the FPS board lifted the restriction, citing the fact that the procedure is becoming more common, and that because it is beneficial to breeding, it should be encouraged rather than restricted. The limit was originally inserted into FPS regulations because of:

"An assumed negative effect of ET on inbreeding..." "The breeding council is of the opinion that the effect of ET and lifting the restriction on the number of offspring will be nil."
Posted on: 5/21/06

The Stallion Show 2007

If you have plans to attend the 2007 Stallion Show, you can now book your trip. The first round of the FPS stallion show will take place from November 30th, to December 6th, 2006 in Ermelo. The second and third rounds will take place at the FEC in Leeuwarden, on January 12th and 13th, 2007.

Source: FPS
Posted on: 5/18/06

Why Do They Come?

There is a new essay on the Friesian Tales page, titled "Why Do They Come?" by Joan. Very beautiful, go check it out.

Posted on: 5/15/06

East Coast Friesians for Nationals

Jennifer Grady, of Acorn Hill Farm in Whitefield, Maine, is encouraging IFSHA members on the East Coast to band together and make an appearance at the 2006 West Coast nationals:

"I am hoping we can get a good representation of East Coast Friesians for the 2006 IFSHA Grand Nationals being held in Las Vegas Nevada, November 10-11-12, 2006. We had such a great time in 2005, however going this effort for one individual may be difficult. "
"I was hoping that we could get a group of us together so as to hopefully share expenses, and get a discounted rate for multiple horse transportation. If you are interested in bringing your Friesians, sharing expenses, or can help with getting transportation discounts, please contact me at, 1-207-549-3170 or Jennifer Grady, Acorn Hill Farm, 8 Jewett Lane, Whitefield ME 04353"

Source: IFSHA
Posted on: 5/15/06

2006 IFSHA Grand Nationals

The 2006 International Friesian Show Horse Association's Grand Nationals will take place this year on November 10th, 11th, and 12th in Las Vegas, Nevada. IFHSA is looking for volunteers to donate their time and skills to help organize the event. A list of positions that need to be filled can be found here.

Source: IFSHA
Posted on: 5/15/06

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