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Finally, a Friesian themed gift directory! There are alot of great artists listed here, and even if you don't intend on buying an original piece, try nosing about their site, as most have notecards or some other smaller items for sale as well. Some of these websites offer a wide range of products and so for a few I have directed you to the area in which Friesian-themed merchandise is available.

If you sell Friesian themed merchandise and wish to be listed in this directory, please e-mail me at Thank you and happy browsing!

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Friesian Crazy Merchandise
Friesian designs by Friesian Crazy owner and webmaster. A number of designs available on a variety of merchandise. Proceeds go to upkeep of Page 1 | Page 2
Breed t-shirts - two Friesian designs

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Image by Dark Lore.

Abby Hall
Abby Hall - a pencil of stallion Tim

ACEO Miniature Art by Delia
Delia - Acrylic and watercolor miniatures. About thirteen pieces featuring Friesians.

Alpha Mare Equine Art
Karen Baker Thumm - oils, pastel, graphite, colored pencil and pen & ink

Animal Artistry
Model horses - four Friesian models

Ann Jeffree Wildlife & Pet Portraits
Ann Jeffree- a large section of Friesian material including pastels, charcoal, pen and ink, photographs and scratch board works. Art is available on merchandise as well as original prints.

Arteque Studio
Franzi Pfeiffer - painting/collage combinations. One Friesian portrait.

Atelier Achterhof & Adriaansen
Nicole Adriaansen - an exclusively Friesian horse artist, with both paintings and pencil. Painted the logo for the 2004 Friesian Extravaganza. Her husband also specializes in photographs of Friesian horses.

The Art of Kathi Peters
Kathi Peters - watercolor, casein, paper-cuts, mixed media. One Friesian watercolor, one paper-cut, three casein, two mixed media. Two limited edition giclee reproductions. Available for commission.

Black Horse Design
Sherl Gordon - pastel, coloured pencil, graphite and oil paint. A number of Friesian pieces and good-sized gift collection.

Brush and Pencil Studio
Ruth Thessian - graphite, pastels, acrylic and oils. Another with a good number of Friesian works and gifts.

Calamuso Enterprises
Angelo Calamuso - Signed Glicée fine art prints of "The Friesian" by veteran equine artist Angelo Calamuso.

Custom Design Art
Dianne Dakowicz - Illustrations, fine art, logos, a huge variety of Friesian themed merchandise.

Dana's Doodles
Dana Bauer - comic-type horse show illustrations. One Friesian saddleseat piece.

Dee Dee Murry
Dee Dee Murray - oil, acrylic, graphite & mixed media. One Friesian piece, "Splash Dance".

Equine Art by Rebecca J.
Rebecca J. Jeffrey - pencil and pastel. Three Friesian pieces.

Equine Design
Melissa Fischbach - Fine art, custom logos, graphic design and photography. Fine art includes watercolor, pencil, pen & ink, and oils. Many Friesian works, though mostly custom order.

Equinge - Friesian Gallery
Inge Manders - oil paintings

Bronze Friesian Sculptures
Mike Fields - Large, detailed, and lifelike bronze sculptures of humans, wildlife and horses. Currently one large rearing Friesian piece in production.

Gift From the Master
Sarah Elmassian - graphite, pastel, gouache, ad design. An ongoing Friesian gallery. Offers one or two t-shirt designs.

Happy Horse Studio
Sheri Cook - graphite, pen and colored pencil horse and dog portraits. Also a nice Lord of the Rings fan art gallery. Currently one Friesian piece.

Leslie Harrison & John Keller - fine art & sculpture. About three or four Friesian pieces.

Horses of Art
Painting of a Friesian under saddle, on slate, ceramic Friesian model, ceramic Friesian tile.

In the Rayne Studios
Kristen Wesch - Two Friesian works, acrylic painting and colored pencil, available as prints and on merchandise.

Kelli Swan Pencil Drawings
Kelli Swan - graphite, two friesian prints.

Olva Stewart Pharo
Olva Stewart Pharo - sculpture, pencil. A Friesian bronze and Friesian b&w notecard.

The Sculpted Horse
Lynda Sappington - sculpture, jewelry. A Friesian series. Five sculptures in the series at the moment.

Spirit of Horse Gallery
Kim McElroy - realistic equine paintings often in fantastical/mythical compositions. One or two Friesian pieces.

Tabaskeau Studio
Stacey Tumlinson - resin sculpture. Thor and Pyt sculptures.

Torin Judd Fine Art
Torin Judd- custom portraits from photographs in pastel, charcoal and pencil. "Realism without losing the feel between medium and paper." At least 3 Friesian pieces so far.

Tumbleweed Paints Metal Art & Decor
Kahlo family - painted metal silhouettes. One Friesian piece.

Twyla Wehnes
Twyla Wehnes - coloured pencil, graphite, watercolor, ink , and acrylic. One Friesian watercolour, three ink portraits.

Wind Spirits Hand Glazed Tiles
Maggi Rankin - decorative horse-themed hand-glazed ceramic tiles. A wide range of Friesian works. Some stylized, some realistic, all beautiful. Offers a range of tile sizes, multi-tile pieces, light-switch covers and more.

Wooldridge Equine Art
Pat Wooldrige - primarily realistic graphite pencil portraits, with some colored pencil and watercolor. Two Friesian pieces of the beautiful Star mare, Renee.

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Ashley of the House of Friesian
Written By: E.R. Swan
Fantasy storybook about the Friesian horse.
42 pages, 8 x 10, hard back book, with color illustrations by Shane Slayer and cover art by Dianne Dakowicz.

Friesian Blood Horse
A bi-monthy magazine on the Friesian and Friesian-cross. Official publication for the Friesian Blood Horse Registry. 6 issues per year.

Friesian Keuring
Written by: Beth N. Markham
A Basic Guide for Preparing You and Your Horse for the FHANA Inspection/ FHS Judging
8.5 x 5.5 containing 91 pages, 20 of which include a black and white photo gallery.

Torden, Hear the Thunder
Written by: C. Kirkham
"Torden, Hear the Thunder" is a captivating fictional novel about a Friesian stallion and a girl in the Netherlands during the early 1900's. The spectacular, endearing Friesian breed was almost extinct and this impressive stallion will help re-establish the breed in the second book of the two-part series.
Aproximately 290 pages, published in September 2006.

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Friesian Power Tote Bag

Custom Design Art
Dianne Dakowicz - Book illustrations, farm logos, and horse portraits. Her artwork is available on a large number of items, from notecards to clothing. Also, for younger fans, a new Friesian plush toy.

Friesian Specialties
A nice range of Friesian themed products. Includes saddlepads, apparel, jewelry and artwork from varying artists.

A unique variety of tack, gifts, supplies and reference materials. A great source for those Dutch Friesian books and videos you've been trying to find. Also offers translations. Offers many Friesian themed items not seen elsewhere.

Friesian Horse Souveniers
A Dutch-based business, offering a variety of Friesian themed clothing, Frisian flags, weather vanes, doorplates, posters, wine bottle holders, statues, and more. In Euros.

Horses by Marji
Marji Lexton - An array of lovely professional Freisian photographs available on various merchandise through Cafepress. Photography home page:

The Feathered Horse
One of the first businesses to specialize exclusively in Friesian merchandise. Currently the only Friesian cataloge in the United States. Artwork, clothing, tack and gifts, including works of many of the artists listed here. An essential for Friesian lovers.

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Atelier Achterhof & Adriaansen
Johan Atelier - dutch photographer of exclusively Friesian horses. Many photos, including some of the stallion inspection and local keurs. His wife does paintings of Friesians. Website in dutch.

Cheval Photography
Gloria Muscarella - equine photography. A very large collection of Friesian photographs. (pictures from the Friesian Extravaganza in Ogden, UT)

Edition Boiselle
Gabriele Boiselle - equine photography. Friesian calendars.

Lynn R Photo
Lynn R - baroque breed photography. Many Friesian photos, available on merchandise.

Photography by Cally
Cally Matherly - almost exclusively Friesian photography. Show and keur coverage, as well as stallion and horse/owner portraiture. Possible Friesian coffee table book in the works.

windhorseOne Studios
Susan Williams - Editioned fine art photography prints portraying the horse. 3 Friesian prints located under Baroque portfolio.

Zoo Crew Photography
Meghan Noecker - animal photography. A large Friesian gallery.

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Baroque Horse Jewelry
Lesley Rand Bennett - horse themed fine gold jewelry. A wide selection of Friesian themed pieces.

Dragons Fly Designs
Susan Werner - Handcut sterling silver jewelry, custom made from photographs. Many Friesian profiles and other horse/animal silhouettes available.
A nice selection of Friesian horse jewlrey. Necklaces, barrets, beltbuckles, etc.

The Gorgeous Horse
Custom hand-made gold jewlery. Has a Friesian category with aprox. 8 pieces.

Jane Heart Jewelry
Jane Heart - sterling silver and 14k gold. A Friesian Collection (4 pieces).

The Mailbox Ranch
Martha and Sonny Carter - Custom made Horse mailboxes. Yup, they have a Friesian too.

Painted Pooches
Amanda Garland Thomas - hand painted totes, ornaments, mailboxes, apparel and other items. (no, it's not just dogs) One Friesian messenger bag, but I believe they take custom orders.

Precious Tietse
Kat Newman - one Friesian jewelry design in silver or gold, worn as brooch or pendant. Also saddles and bridles.

Raven Chocolates
Frieda Koper - top quality handmade chocolates. Offers a gift box including a chocolate Friesian medallion.

Simply Italy Designs
Danita Zaccheo - Affordable Friesian and Andalusian themed jewelry

West Coast Weather Vanes
Ken & LizAnne Jense- Handcrafted copper weathervane of Friesian Horses. Available in up to four sizes. Can be personalized to look like your Friesian. Limited edition of 50.

Wind Spirits Hand Glazed Tiles
Maggi Rankin - decorative horse-themed hand-glazed ceramic tiles. A wide range of Friesian works.

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Bella Equine Designs
Decorative jeweled browbands, saddlepads, and a Friesian-design temporary tattoo.

Equus Couture
"Jewelry for your horse." Crystal decorated browbands, halters and keur bridles.

Friesian Lane Fox Show Saddle
Specialized wide-tree Friesian saddleseat saddle.

Friesian Store
Specialized bridles, halters, and costume tack. Also white bridles, bits, and other items.

Timber Ridge Saddlery
Friesian-fit line of western saddles in various models.

Dutch Friesian Tack supplier - Fryso saddles, harness, bridles and more.

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The Dancing Horse & Piaffe Simplified "A Training Manual"
An instructional video by Diane Olds Rossi, exhibitor of Approved stallion Lukas 324. Appears to feature mostly Friesians.

Evaluation of the Friesian Horse Conformation
Keuring preparation and Friesian horse assessment. Featured clinician: Fetse Veldstra, FPS Judge/Jury Member. Running time: 1 1/2 hours.

The Friesian Horse Extravaganza 1997 & 1998
Two videos of the first North American Friesian Extravaganzas.

A feast for the eyes of 77 minutes with choice of English, German, French or Spanish subtitles showing the Friesian's history and its versatility.

Lungeing with Lammert Haanstra
Stallion-show clinician with English voice-over.

The Magical World of Dancing Horses
Two seperate videos, "Night of the Friesians" and "Magic of the Dancing Horses", both recordings of performances by Diane Olds Rossi with her Friesians and other exhibition horses.

Raising & Training the Friesian Horse
2-dvd set by stallion-show clinician Lammert Haanstra, with English voice-over, taking you from breeding to birth, through all raising & training stages, to showing.

Rein Dance with Clay Maier
A series of four instructional videos by Friesian horse trainer and performer Clay Maier. DVDs include "Introduction to Long Reins", "Train Your Horse to Drive", "Tandem Riding" and "Advanced Long Reining". All horses featured in the tutorials are Friesians.

Sjoerd Meekma Keuring Preparation Training Course
3 DVD set with five hours of footage from a keuring clinic with Dutch runner Sjoerd Meekma. Grooming, health and training tips, interpreting linear score sheets, and case studies.

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If you know of someone who makes Friesian merchandise, know of a Friesian-themed product, or are an artist yourself, please feel free to submit it to be included on the page here. The catch is that there -must- be at least one Friesian themed piece offered, and it must be displayed in some way online.

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