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For Sale/Lease

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Maya - For Sale or In-Barn Lease
9 year old 15.2H foal-book Friesian mare Absolute sweetheart. She is the black lab of our family. She has dressage and natural horsemanship training. She lunges and long-lines. She has been used in my lesson program, and has extensive trail experience. She prefers a confident rider. She’s great to clip, self loads and is super on the trailer. Excellent for the vet, farrier and dentist. She is a foal book mare due to having white on her right hind heel. She has sweet itch, so needs a full body fly sheet and supplements and other care to alleviate the effects.

Available for in barn lease as well.

Kingston - For In-Barn Lease
9 year old 17H Friesian gelding

Kingston is an excellent dressage mount who is extremely light and responsive to your seat. He leg yields, shoulder-in and out, haunches in and out. Turn on haunches and turn on forehand. He is an excellent trail horse who loves beach rides. He has been handled by his owner extensively since the age of 6 mos. He round-pens and has done all the rope halter work including attending several clinics with well known area natural horsemanship trainers. Works well with tarps and other desensitizing equipment. On a temperament scale of 1-10 this horse would rate a 5. He has been used extensively in our lesson program for everything from round-pen lessons to riding, long-lining and has given lung-line lessons.

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Contact: Jenny Wells, 26 Leeds Junction Rd. Wales, ME 04280, 207-933-1038